How to Get Started

Pro/Web.Link is accessible even for Engineers with too much to do. How quickly you can get productive with the tools will depend mostly on how comfortable you feel writing a little simple code. The concepts are easy and can be self-taught using the straightforward process shown below.

Hello Pro/Web.Link World!

Discover how easy Pro/Web.Link can be:

  • Do 'Hello Pro/ENGINEER World' introduction here
  • See troubleshooting for any installation troubles
  • Learn Basic HTML/JavaScript Programming:

  • Check out web
  • Read one of the many JavaScript books (see left for some suggestions).
  • Discover Pro/Web.Link capabilities by trying some Examples:

  • Try out examples on this site
  • Read the code!
  • Best Book on Pro/Web.Link
  • Try examples at e.g. <CREO_INSTALL> \ Creo 2.0 \ Common Files \ M090 \ weblink \ weblinkexamples \
  • Learn Pro/Web.Link with the "A Pro/ENGINEERS Guide to Pro/Web.Link" Book:

  • Assumes NO programming experience
  • Covers the base technologies (HTML, JavaScript, Pro/Web.Link)
  • Gets you working with Pro/Web.Link fast
  • Order a copy from Lulu
  • Create Valuable Applications:

  • Extend the examples
  • Bonus Apps Available for Book Owners
  • Extend the additional examples (Book Owners only)
  • Use the Bonus Applications to kick-start your intranet (Book Owners only)
  • Read additional Articles to improve your understanding
  • Get Help if you're stuck:

  • Use PTC technical support
  • Selected External Sites with good info
  • Contact PTC ( to obtain consultant support
  • See selected links to external resources
  • Use the PTC/User forums
  • <<< Pro/Web.Link Examples Book Resources >>>